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Amsterdam, Netherlands – On Monday February 26, Warner Bros. Pictures hosted the Dutch premiere of Dune: Part Two in IMAX at Pathé Arena, transforming traditional movie viewing into an interactive spectacle. The event not only screened the sequel to the iconic saga but also marked a significant shif

The night was not just about watching; it was about participating. Attendees, ranging from influencers to VIPs, were given the power to broadcast their own event experiences through social media Stories, thanks to a digital geolock encircling the IMAX theater.

These personal viewpoints, once approved through a swift moderation process, were then shared city-wide on JCDecaux's digital displays, intertwining individual narratives with the communal fabric of the city of Amsterdam.

This novel approach to the film event created a unique, city-wide celebration, breaking down the walls between the event and the public. The Stories Wall technology facilitated a new level of interaction, turning attendees into active storytellers of the evening and allowing the entire city to partake in the event’s ambiance.

The success of this event challenges traditional red carpet formats, suggesting a future where film debuts are more than just screenings; they're interactive, inclusive, and integrated into the future landscape. This shift towards digital engagement highlights Crafture’s leading role in embracing innovative entertainment solutions, setting a new benchmark for future (film) events.

In a new age where everyone's a critic and a creator, the Dune: Part Two premiere has reshaped expectations, proving that the future of film is not just on the screen, but in the hands of the viewers themselves.


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